this is me.

Hanna Nuss

Speaker, Writer & Creator of the death of a dream Podcast

I woke up at 30 and realized I had sorta accomplished everything I had set as goals for my life. For most people that would be exciting for me it was suffocating. So that birthday I decided to rewrite my goals. I wrote that as if it just happened. I had completely forgotten how to dream and wanted to dig deeper into how I had gotten here in the first place. That started a daily journey that I am still on today. Six months into the rewriting of my dreams I would start recording a podcast about my journey. Which would become a real-time rescue mission from this place in life I found myself in. The only thing I knew was that my life was fine and that would never be enough.
So I set out to live life on my terms.

What do I do
  • Speak
  • Write
  • Ignite Dreams
  • Blog
  • Podcast
  • Live Minimally

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