I wanted to blame the world for a very long time for what I was being sent…The truth is I was the attracting my exact reflection. I didn’t want to believe it but I couldn’t attract the people, situations, and networks I wanted because I wasn’t that person yet, not even close. At that point in my life I didn’t believe I was worthy of those people or places. It would be a very long journey to a place of acceptance. Meaning, three weeks ago I would begin to accept that this life was meant for me. Maybe I am weird but I have an exact picture in my mind of the people and places I will be surrounded by in my life. Unfortunately, that picture and my reality were two very separate things. Do not get me wrong, I had been sent beautiful people in my life some of whom had to leave me because my vibe was bad for them. That is the hard part. As you begin to level up or down in life you begin to attract not only new people matching that vibe as well as test people to see if you will go back. I was doing a self assessment of my attraction and was grossed out because I was still attracting some bad people. I then realized none of those people stuck. They were one offs. As long as I passed the test they fell away pretty easily. The ones meant to stick kept coming back.

All this to say, you can’t want something you are not willing to become. For my network to change I had to embody what I wanted to become not just spitefully wish for it. You reflect what you are. 

Look around. 

Do you like what you are reflecting or is it time to change?




Change the world, Hanna

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