A love letter to my future in psychology

My entire life I wondered how some people do everything they dream about and how some people don’t. What is the difference? I thought early on that it came down to privilege and connections. Since I hail from a small middle class community that was a conscious narrative most people clung to so I followed. The world was open for some but not for someone like me. As I continue to explore this thought I realize there is so much more that goes into chasing dreams. I want to know more about the things that hold people back. What holds me back? Doing my own self work I would discover a long standing love for the human mind, exploration and research. I want to know everything that goes on in a mind that holds people back. I plan to use research and understanding to help people dream again. It is so much more than being motivated or having connections. I believe there is beauty in every human mind. There is not a person on this planet who doesn’t have a gift that could change the world. I want to learn everything there is to know about the human mind so I can help heal people who were lost like me.

My entire life I was told and continued telling myself I was not smart. The best route for someone with the interests I had would have been psychology. The realistic one was public relations/marketing. Every move in my career as a marketer led me back to this place where I was trying to figure out the motivators of people. Sometimes in the marketing realm, sometimes in the management realm but always trying to better understand what people do and why. All roads always led back there. Eventually I would remove the narratives that no longer/never served me. The removal of those threw me into a world where I found myself trying to save myself from what had impacted my dreams. That journey brought me right here. Following the one thing I have always brought back into my stratosphere. I can’t escape wanting to understand the human mind.

I will find myself passionately writing, speaking and working in the field of psychology. Until then.

Change the world,

Hanna Nuss

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