I am this person now.

I used to be really tied up in who everyone wanted me to be. So tied up infact when I asked myself what I wanted I didn’t know the answer. People would ask what I envisioned myself doing and I honestly just thought someone would come along and call my next shot. One day I realized it wasn’t coming. People wanted me to have an opinion about my life more than I wanted to have one. Yet, I stood there convinced I was not old enough, wise enough, or smart enough to have a say. But no one was giving me answers anymore everyone was asking me what I wanted. The question about what I wanted to be made my skin crawl. I would exhale in nervous fashion and pretend I knew but I was grasping at stràws. I guess now I know having removed everything I could ever indentify with that I am still here. I guess I know that I am this person now. I guess I know this is not going away. Here I am. I am this person. I am: energetic, optimistic, a big time dreamer, relentless, strategic and a fierce supporter of dreaming big and making it happen. This is me.

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