Have you ever had a moment where you question everything you ever did in your life? My moment came at 30 years old when I started digging deep into who I even wanted to be. I knew I was going to do big things so why had I played it so small?

That led me to realization that aside from finding my husband everything else in my life was selected for me by someone else. Uncovering the death of my dream would lead me to the pursuit of living life for the first time ever on my terms.

877 // reuse. the death of a dream.

Topics of Discussion  – Vintage dream come true – Making a change to make a change 
  1. 877 // reuse.
  2. 876 // i am feeling.
  3. 875 // the position.
  4. 874 // don't convince yourself.
  5. 873 // the prompts required.

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